Behind The Welcome Center

The Welcome Center

The facility is equipped with a kitchen, lounge, meeting room, internet connection and library. Please see photos of the welcome center under photos for your review and enjoyment.

Who We Are

We are Rutgers Native American Welcome Center. We exist to bring the hope of Native American culture and spirituality to the world, specifically in New Brunswick, New Jersey. We are supported financially by a network of tribes, churches, individuals, and other sponsors. We are staffed by a team of dedicated volunteers and a Native American Chaplain. The goal of our chaplaincy is to welcome and affirm Native American identity and develop a sense of voice in a diverse community.

When We Started

Still working out the details.

What We Do

Mentoring Program–still working on this but stay tuned.

Native American Drum Group Program is in the works but we are thinking of have at least two times a semester where students can learn the art of drumming and singing.

The welcome center is a space where Native American students can engage and interact on important issues.